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Crediteyes is the only 100% domestic-funded business credit investigation enterprise with the qualification of business credit reporting both in Shanghai and Dalian. It is in full compliance with the qualification requirements of the relevant national credit management authorities and has been normally running for many years under the supervision and management of the relevant state administrative organs. Having been highly praised in regard to information security and compliance, Crediteyes is honored as the preferred partner of XXX Credit Bureau and other international credit agencies in China.

TOP supplier in the field of Internet certification

With the online credit service center and offline field credit investigation team totalling nearly 1,000 people in the whole country, relying on its own powerful IT system support and connection ability, Crediteyes has become the TOP credit service provider in the Internet certification field that offers certification services for the leading domestic Internet companies such as BATJ and other giants.

The best provider of credit reports in the field of credit insurance

relying on nearly 15 years of accumulated experience to provide a series of credit reporting and analysis services in the credit insurance industry, combined with the accumulation of massive corporate credit data, Crediteyes has achieved multi-data verification of the credit data provided by customers in the field of credit insurance, and made a comprehensive analysis and rating of target enterprises. Therefore, the credit reports issued by Crediteyes are recognized as the best-quality reports and are more in line with the needs of credit insurance customers in the same industry at home and abroad.

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